In July 2011, I had the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua. It was my first third world missions experience, and I am forever changed by what I saw and experienced. These are the stories I have been able to put to word so far. I’m sure there will be many more.

meeting seth franco

Gracious and humble, Seth talked with us for some time, sharing his testimony and his burden to reach inner city youth. His passion for serving God resonated through every word and our time with him was encouraging and uplifting.

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smile, God loves you!

If only our hearts were that hungry for God that we would endure the same conditions! How many times have we sat in our comfortable seats, in our climate controlled buildings, watching the clock, and wanting to get home and on to other things?

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Two women.

Separated by distance, culture, and language.

But connected by shared hopes, dreams, and needs…as mothers and daughters and women.

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on my heart

What I saw, what I felt, what I’ve struggled with seemed too fragile, too real to talk about. In my mind, brief conversations and quick answers would only diminish the magnitude of what I experienced.

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I wanted the boy to recover. I wanted to see God’s saving power at work. I wanted to know my God in Heaven was aware and able and willing to do what I wanted him to do. But was that really in Deymer’s best interest?

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My Nicaraguan angel! Isn’t she beautiful? Look at those eyes! What I wouldn’t do to hold her in my arms right now. And I feel I better understand the power of prayer.

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home sweet home

I went to Nicaragua without expectation, as an act of obedience, with an open heart. By His Grace alone was I able to walk through each day. I’m in awe of my God…our God…and what He did during my 12 days in Nicaragua.

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I’m anxious to step out of my comfort zone, to be stretched and challenged in my faith, to wrestle with God over things of eternal importance, and to find myself so completely at a loss that I have no choice but to rely solely on Grace to uphold me.

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